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Filmography / To Treasure Forever

To Treasure Forever

«To Treasure Forever» 2007

2007 / Russia /127 min / “Vera Films”

Director – Gleb Panfilov
Screenplay — Gleb Panfilov
Cinematographer – Mihkail Agranovich
Production designer – Anatoly Panfilov
Composer – Vadim Bibergan
Producer – Maxim Panfilov, Anton Zlatopolsky


Evgeny Mironov – Gleb Nerzhin
Dmitry Pevtsov – Innokenty Volodin
Olga Drozdova – Volodin’s Wife
Inna Churikova – Gerasimovich’s Wife
Albert Filozov – Uncle Averin
Ksenia Kachalina – Potapov’s wife
Galina Tunina – Nadya Nerzhina
Igor Sklyar – Illarion Gerasimovich
Roman Madianov – Abakumov
Igor Kvasha – Stalin

Format – 35 mm/DVD
Subtitles – English on DVD, French electronic

Rights for theatrical and DVD distribution – VGTRK ‘Russia’, exclusive sales agent “Vera Films”


2008 – Special prize of United Nations representatives in Russia, XIV International Human Rights Film Festival “Stalker” (Gleb Panfilov)



1949. Diplomat Volodin is sent on an important assignment to the United States. However, as soon as he is over the ocean, he switches sides and begins collaborating with the Americans. He uses a pay phone to call the US embassy and gives them the secret address of a Soviet spy. Volodin is convinced that no one will figure out his identity, and recognise his muffled phone voice, as no such device exist. However, such technology is being developed under the supervision of the NKVD in a ‘sharashka’ prison ‘Marfino’ by confined engineers and scientists. Gleb Nerzhin (Solzhenitsyn’s alter-ego) is amongst them.

To Treasure Forever is a film based on the TV series In the First Circle, however the principle difference between the two is the finale. In the TV series, like in the original text, the fate of the protagonist, Innokenty Volodin, remains unclear. However, the film’s narrative brings us to a clear ending.

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