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Filmography / Guilty without Guilt

Guilty without Guilt

«Guilty without Guilt» 2008

2008 / Russia/ 136 min / drama / Vera Films” with the support of Federal agency of culture and cinematography

Director – Gleb Panfilov
Screenplay – Gleb Panfilov ( based on Ostrovsky’s play)
Cinematography – Mikhail Agranovich
Production designer – Anatoly Panfilov
Costume designer – Valentina Komolova
Composer – Vadim Bibergan
Editing – Gleb Panfilov, Andrei Vernibud
Producer – Maxim Panfilov, Anton Zlatopolsky


Inna Churikova – Lubov Otradina/ Elena Kruchinina
Oleg Jankovsky – Grigory Murov
Ivan Panfilov – Grigory Neznamov
Viktor Sukhorukov – Shmaga
Dmitry Pevtsov – Peter Milovzorov
Maria Shukshina – Taisa Shelavina
Albert Filozov – Dudkin

Format – 35mm/DVD


2010 - ‘Golden Eagle’ award for Best TV series fewer than 10 episodes, "Guilty without Guilt"

Rights for theatrical and DVD distribution – VGTRK ‘Russia’, exclusive sales agent “Vera Films”



An adaptation of a play by Alexander Ostrovsky.

A famous theatre actress, Elena Kruchinina, arrives on a tour to a small provincial town. This is a place she was once forced to leave because an illicit love affair. Many years ago, betrayed by her lover, Grigory Murov, she had to abandon their illegitimate son and run away. So when, now, a rich and famous actress encounters a young actor, Neznamov, she feels the urge to take care of this talented but reckless young man.


“ The play is familiar from the first line to the very last […] I understood that Panfilov will undoubtedly offer his own interpretation of it, as he would never make a straightforward adaptation. I understood that such an actress like Inna Churikova will unveil new dimensions in the character of Otradina […] but I was not expecting the film to fly by, gripping my heart from the start and not letting go until the finale, which is itself very unexpected, almost irrational at a first glance.”

— Valery Krichin, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, April 2008

“ The story about a famous actress, who reunites with her son after 20 years of absence, took a months and a half to film. It was shot on location, just outside Moscow, in Zakharovo. A refurbished gentry’s estate proved to be an ideal setting- an overgrown pond, pergolas, an authentic master house in the style of XIX century- all this wonderfully conveyed the unhurried flow of time in the province”

— Maria Fedorova, TV channel ‘Culture’, March 2009

“The journalists, who saw the film for the first time, comment on the faithful interpretation of the play and praise Panfilov for including the fragments, which tend to be left out by numerous theatre directors”

—Total Film, April 2008

Creators about the film

Gleb Panfilov — director, script writer

“ I really wanted the actors, who play mother and son, to be related in real life. After all, a family bloodline is not an empty idea. It is a notion which will manifest itself somehow. And so I wanted to find out what it would be like when the actors do not pretend to be relatives, but really are related as mother and son.

By the way, Ivan is Inna’s only son. And this fact is also relevant to the storyline. The combination of all these elements will produce an interesting result, I think. This year is called the year of Family in Russia. How wonderful! And our film is precisely about a family. About how at first a family falls apart, and then is reunited. About a mother who finds her son and a son who finds his mother. The urge of parents towards their children and vise-versa is eternal. It always touches people. And this is why this film is topical”

Inna Churikova — actress (Otradina/kruchinina)

“Ostrovsky was very fond of actors! He has written a lot of plays about actors. And this is one of them. Here, he presents a unique, unusual type of actress. She is timid, reserved, authentic”

“Ivan is a very artistic person, he has the character of a director, of an artist, and of a script writer […] however the most important thing is, that Ivan is very similar to his character emotionally”.

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