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Welcome to the official site of Gleb Panfilov!

This is the first official site dedicated to the outstanding director and scriptwriter of Soviet, Russian and world cinema.

The aim of the site is to present the most complete and reliable information about the life and work of Gleb Panfilov, which will be interesting and useful to film goers and film professionals alike.

The creators of the site, Vera Films, hope that the website will help to initiate professional communication.

The site is created in two languages (English and Russian) in order to present the works of the famous Russian filmmaker to the international audiences, as well as to encourage creative and professional interaction between Russia and other countries.

The section on ‘Filmography’ will provide detailed information about each film, including film stills and video clips, critics quotes, notes from the creators, as well as information about film copy rights.

The site was created with the involvement of the director. It possesses unique facts, articles, photo and video material, and we genuinely hope that it will become the main source of information and inspiration for all the admirers of Gleb Panfilov’s work.